League Table

Pos Name Pnts
1 Up The Kingdom 77
2 Arthur Wait Massive 73
3 Grampus 8 My Hampster 68
4 San Venganza 65
5 Mike Is A Paedo 60
6 Viva Ronaldo 60
7 The Red Diablos 57
8 Freddies Dream Team 54
9 Barclays First XI 48
10 Burlington Athletic 47
11 Hot Rocks FC 46
12 Obi Wan Kanobi Nil 45
13 Dave Cs Bald Eagles 43
14 LeaveMyArseAlona 39
15 As The Crowe Flies 35
16 Face2Face FC 33

Team Details

Goalkeeper List

Rules Last Updated: 9th August 2016 @ 11:45

1.00 Teams

1.10 - All teams must consist of one goalkeeper, four defenders, four midfielders and two forwards. Positions are as defined by the Daily Telegraph fantasy football.

1.20 - Where a players position is altered by the Daily Telegraph the manager must restore the 4-4-2 formation at the earliest transfer night.

1.30 - Where a team contains ineligible players or illegal formations following the earliest transfer night the points scored by those players will not be counted.

1.40 - Each team must drop a minimum of 4 players at the beginning of the pre-season transfer night and before any other business takes place.

1.50 - Where a manager cannot attend the pre-season transfer night he must nominate his 4 players to drop beforehand. If this is not done his lowest scoring four players may be dropped on his behalf.

2.00 Scoring

2.10 - All points are as detailed in the Daily Telegraph fantasy football.

2.20 - The scoring system is subject to change at any time.

3.00 Transfers

3.10 - All transferring of players can only take place at an official transfer night.

3.20 - There will be four transfer nights during the course of a season. Unless stated otherwise these will be on the last Wednesday before the opening game of the season, the first Wednesday in November and the first Wednesday in February.

3.30 - The dates of the transfer window may be subject to change to ensure the highest possible attendance. It is the responsibility of all managers to ensure they are available for transfer nights.

3.40 - Players will be bid for up to a value of £50, upon which time the bidding will go to a sealed bid.

3.50 - Transfers between clubs must take place in front of all managers at a transfer night. The selling manager must accept the highest bid over the stated minimum price.

3.60 - No swapping of players or "loan" deals are permitted.

3.70 - The selling manager must donate 10% of the sale price to the prize pot.

3.80 - A transfer limit of £400 applies to all teams over the course of a season. The cost of "Club to club" transfers are included towards the £400. No club will be permitted to spend more than £400 under any circumstances.

3.85 - The players position order of the transfer nights are GK, DEF, MID, STR.

3.90 - In the event of 2 players both bidding their maximum budget of £400, the team who finished lowest in the league from the previous season wins.

3.95 - After each transfer night all team managers can make free transfers for 24hrs after the website has been updated. This will be on a first come first served basis. The time will be set by the website administrator on the dreamteam whatsapp group.

4.00 Prizes & Payments

4.10 - Entry will cost £30 per team, paid at the start of each season, which is void for any new teams competing.

4.20 - All entry payments and transfer payments to be made in cash or by BAKs at the end of each transfer night.

4.30 - Prize money will be paid in cash at the specified prize giving night.

4.40 - The date of the prize giving night is variable but will be no later than the pre-season transfer night.

4.50 - The prize pot will be distributed as follows:

4.51 - 1st Place = 40%

4.52 - 2nd Place = 20%

4.53 - 3rd Place = 10%

4.54 - 4th Place = 5%

4.55 - Cup Winner = 17.5%

4.56 - Top Goalscorer = 7.5%

4.60 - The prize pot will consist of: All public transfer proceeds, all entry fee proceeds and 30% of private transfer proceeds. The amount of the total prize pot will be displayed on the website through the course of the season. Reasonable deductions will be made to cover costs of trophies, engraving and gifts.

4.70 - The top goalscorer prize is awarded to the manager with the highest scoring player. Only premier league goals count.

5.00 The Event of a Draw

5.10 - In the event of a draw in the final league standings the prizes will be shared. eg: Where two teams are tied for first place they will share equally the first and second prizes. Where two teams are tied for second place they will share equally the second and third prizes.

5.20 - In the event of a draw in the round stages of the cup the home team will progress.

5.30 - In the event of a draw in the cup final the prize will be shared equally between the two finalists.

5.40 - In the event of a draw in the top goalscorer competition the prize will be shared equally between the winning managers.

6.00 Rule Changes

6.10 - Changes or additions to the above rules can only be made following a vote and majority acceptance by the managers. Unless majority acceptance is achieved the rule will remain unchanged.

6.20 - Votes on rule changes can only take place at a transfer night, prize giving or AGM. All managers carry an equal vote. The majority decision is final.

6.30 - These rules supersede all previous rules.

6.40 - In instances of dispute or discrepancy the majority decision of all managers will be final.

Dreamteam Auction History

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Auction house location: Barley Mow, Epsom